What is HeadSpa Treatment?


It is a deep hair cleansing, conditioning and acupressure point scalp reflexology treatment in one session. The scalp has numerous acupuncture points where helps to improve immune system and also helps to lift your face line. HeadSpa treatment is the best relaxation and anti-aging.


Manicure& Pedicure:




Recomended to who is/has... 


Under heavy stress 

In front of computer all the time

Pain shoulder and migraine 

Damaged hair and dehydrate scalp

Dullness skin

Should I color my hair beore or after?
We recommend couple of days BEFORE color your hair. Our scalp cleansing and conditioner does not fade hair color or perm; however, we are not guaranteed.



What product do you use?
HeadSpa product we use from Japan COTA SERA. The best scalp care line in Japan.
Macha Scrub 
It is a organic handmade green tea scrub that exfoliate and rejuvenate. Green Tea is the best known for the antioxidant that benefits in many ways. It is one of natural way to help your skin appear brighter and flawless.



Sake Mask 
It is a organic handmade sake mask that hydrate and brightening your skin. Our mask made of sake lees contains many components, including amino acids.This procedure strengthens connective tissue and keeps the skin smooth and elastic, the nails firm and the hair strong.


Head Spa Treatment

Will I be charged if I cancel my appointment?


Yes, we charge NON-REFUNDABLE $35 deposit per person for our service. To reschedule another appts, you will need rescheduling  fees $20.

No show policy: Scheduling and timely rendering of our services is an integral part of our customer satisfaction. Accordingly no shows/ no call to their appointment more than once  will not be able to book another appointment with us and only be serviced on a walk-in basis upon availability. 

Why should I pay $35 deposit?


Requiring $35 deposit ensures us that you are a real guest and serious about your appointment. Believe it or not, many people call to make reservations but never show up. Your $35 deposit will go towards your service.

Lashe Extension:

I wear makeup can I still come in?

 As far as it is not a waterproof, then Yes but not recomended. Please note that you may asked to remove your eye make up. Please come in 10 min before your appointment.


If I had lashes from other store, can I get a refill?

Unfortunately no. We recomend our client to have them removed


How long does it take?

Depends on how many lashes or your lash conditions, average time is 45-90min


What kind of glue you use?

Our glue is 100% made in Japan 


Can I take a shower?

Please be sure to wait 3-4 hours after lashes done


Can I go swiming or sauna?

You may do any activities however lashes may not last longer than people who do not.

Lashe lift/perm:

Do you use the same material as hair perm?


Can I come in with make up?

Unfortunately no. Please do not wear eye make up, mascara and lash curler


How long does it take?

Depends on how many lashes or your lash conditions, average time is 30-40min


What kind of perm you use?

Our perm is 100% made in Japan 


Can I take a shower?

Please be sure to wait 3-4 hours after lashes done

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  As of 7.1.2018  Under $45, we will charge Convenience Fees $3 to your total service



As of 7.1.2018, Due to Under New Management, we have changed Prices/Hours 




We will be charging non-refundable $35 deposit per person for each services. To reschedule another appts required rescheduling fees of $20.